Care for Wild Giving Tuesday NFTs

For GivingTuesday, Care for Wild and Fanfire have teamed up to host an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) auction on 30 November 2021.

Local and international supporters will have the opportunity to bid for their very own one-of-a-kind "Moment in Time" at the world's largest orphaned rhino sanctuary!

This unique opportunity will contribute to the efforts of Care for Wild in conservation, community, and sustainability.



Milk Drinking

Baby rhinos need milk around the clock! Rhino calves drink milk from their mom until they are around 16 months old. Own this NFT and perhaps you too can feed some baby rhinos some milk too!



Swazi & Bokkie

A very unique moment between critically endangered black rhino calf, Swazi and her goat friend, Bokkie. Bokkie is a great role model for Swazi and has taught Swazi what to eat. This NFT may also have unlockable content!

unnamed (1).gif


Summer plays with Goat

When Summer arrived there were no other rhino companions in the ICU. So Bokkie kept her company. Summer is a very special rhino as she fulfills the role as a surrogate mother to the younger rhinos. 

unnamed (2).gif


Baby Ribbon befriends Hippos Emma & Molly

A unique moment when orphan baby rhino Ribbon, at an estimated 3-4 months old at the time, made her first encounter with the hippos Emma & Molly. Ribbon although a bit timid and shy, befriended Emma & Molly and to this day still visits them.

This NFT may have unlockable content!



Arthur the Brave

This is a artist rendering of Arthur the Brave after all his injuries had healed. Arthur ‘The Brave’ was named for his courage and bravery, this 3 week old baby rhino, tried to save his mom from poachers.

Read more here on Arthur and his heroic and brave personality when he was found cowering beside his poched mother. 

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Arthur and Summers First Encounter <3

In this lovely moment in time Arthur the Brave meets Summer for the first time. When Summer first saw little Arthur, still bandaged around his back and his foot, she immediately approached him and started to touch her nose to his. Call it love at first sight, Arthur was instantly smitten with Summer!

Read more.

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Arthur and Summer Sharing Some Kisses

Arthur and Summer's love affair has been going on for some time now! Read about it here.

Any time they are together expect Arthur to shower Summer in love and kisses!


A kiss may lead to unlockable content!

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Jemu, Zac, and Gray

(Artist Rendering)

Just three rhinos hangin' in the safe holding facility!

Jemu, Zac, and Gray are orphans that have grown up together and are best friends.

If you too have best friends through the power of friendship this NFT may have unlockable content! 

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First Rhino CT Scan - Historic Moment!

For the first time in South Africa a CT scan was run on a living rhino. It was found that he had a sore tooth that was impacting his health. Own this historical moment and documented photo of SA's first CT scan on a living rhino, and the possibility of unlockable content!

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Limited Edition Arthur the Brave Artist Illustration

A special tribute to the most famous rhino in the sanctuary (and possibly the world). Arthur the Brave.